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Services Offered by Animal General

Comprehensive wellness exams and preventive care

We offer a lifetime of medical care starting with puppy/kitten vaccines. Immunization programs are tailored to the specific patient taking into considerations the pet’s age, breed, weight and living environment. We discuss topics such as internal and external parasite control, nutritional guidelines and behavioral issues.

Diagnostic services

Many of our diagnostic services can be performed on site and often within the same day. We also utilize diagnostic laboratories across the country to meet the needs of our patients, including the labs at Cornell, Michigan State University and University of Tennessee.

Our diagnostic services include:

  • In house laboratory tests
  • Microbiology and fungal cultures
  • In house radiography and ultrasonography
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Cytology and histopathology


A wide variety of surgeries are preformed at our veterinary clinic. Our surgery patients receive a pre-surgical exam and laboratory tests. Patients receive an intravenous catheter and intra-operative fluid support while the anesthesia is monitored with an EKG- pulse oximetry. Whether the patient is a 200 gram Guinea pig or a 220 pound Mastiff, pain medication is provided.

Surgeries we perform include:

  • Soft tissue surgery e.g. ovariohysterectomies (spays) and castrations
  • Orthopedic surgery e.g. anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair


For patients that require more care for their illness or injury, we offer daily hospitalization which often entails intravenous fluid support and intravenous medication. If overnight care is required, we will refer the patient to a nearby 24 hour facility.

Dental Services

We offer dental prophylactic cleaning and extractions. Dental procedures are performed while the patient is anesthetized and intubated to provide a thorough and safe evaluation of every tooth and the oral cavity. Post operative antibiotics and pain medicine is provided when indicated.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy – We began our Stem cell program in 2008 and have since helped hundreds of pets with this procedure. This therapy has been used mostly for the pain management of osteoarthritis, but has also aided the healing of joint injuries. The future is bright for many other conditions that will be helped by Stem Cell Therapy.

Exotic Animal Care

We offer veterinary care to many creatures! Besides cats and dogs, we care for many small mammals including rats, mice, ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and sugar gliders. We also care for many species of birds and reptiles

Avian Services

We offer a full array of avian veterinary care. Avian services include:

  • in house cultures
  • laboratory tests including Psittacosis testing and DNA sexing
  • behavior consults for such problems as feather picking
  • radiographs
  • surgery
  • nutritional consults
  • beak/wing/nail care

Health certificates

We offer domestic and international travel documents. Keep in mind international travel with your pet can require extensive testing and procedures that can take months to complete.

Microchip implant

While having an ID tag on your pet is always a good idea, an implanted microchip provides lifelong identification that will help reunite a lost pet with his/her family. Also, if you find a stray pet, we can scan the animal for a microchip.

Laser Therapy

We offer Class IV warm therapeutic laser treatment which is used to alleviate pain and inflammation and hastens healing for many conditions such as joint/muscle ailments, ear infections/hematomas, traumatic wounds and bladder infections. It is a soothing, painless treatment that the pets enjoy!

Technician Services

Once a patient is established at our clinic, technicians can provide a myriad of services including diabetic counseling, medication administration, laser therapy, bandage/wound care, anal gland expression, laboratory tests, toe nail trim and suture removal.

Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Our caring staff is here to help with end of life decisions for your beloved pet.

Surgical Release Forms (These must be signed prior to surgery)