Veterinary Doctors at Animal General

Dr. Mike Hutchinson - DVM
Dr. Mike Hutchinson knew at 7 years old that he would be a veterinarian when he grew up. His passion for helping animals led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in Animal Bioscience at Penn State University and his D.V.M. degree from Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. His experience includes practicing as an equine, small animal, wildlife and exotic veterinarian.

In 2001, Animal General of Cranberry Township was opened upon Dr. Mike returning home to his Pennsylvania roots. He feels truly blessed to be a helping hand between the human and animal bond.

Outside of Animal General, Dr. Mike has been happily married for over 27 years to his wife Beth. Together they have five children: Michaela, Nico, Dane, Cole and Slade. Their furry children include three dogs, Timber, Beacon and Jeter, and four cats, Tallica (who believes she is a dog!), Pretty Kitty, Jericho and Tiger. In his free time, Dr. Mike enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid outdoorsman.

Lastly, Dr. Mike shares an incredible amount of information via his podcasts. You may visit Dr. Mike’s personal website and search for topics in his podcast series by Clicking Here.
Dr. Justin Stewart - Veterinarian
Dr. Justin Stewart grew up in the Pittsburgh area for most of his life and now lives in Cranberry Township with his crazy black Labrador named Zero, and his cat Nyxxie. He became interested in veterinary medicine early in life while growing up with his family pets, eventually spending time shadowing at veterinary clinics and even the national aviary before finally applying to veterinary school.

Dr. Justin Stewart graduated from Penn State University and then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, graduating in late 2009. His interests include radiology, surgery and medicine cases.

In his free time he enjoys playing hockey, working out, the outdoors and enjoying time with friends and family!
Dr. Nico Hutchinson - Veterinarian
Dr. Nico Hutchinson grew up on Long Island before moving to the Pittsburgh area when he was around 10 years old. Knowing that he wanted to come back and eventually work at Animal General, he pursued this path by attending Penn State University and later veterinary school at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Hutchinson shares his home with a cat named Champion-Luigi. Champ was initially dropped off at the clinic by a good Samaritan after being found injured on the side of the road. Champ went through successful surgery, and Dr. Hutchinson decided to keep the little guy!

When he isn’t saving animals, Dr. Hutchinson likes to play soccer, watch hockey (go Pens!) and engage in various types of exercise such as cardio and free weights.
Dr. Marc McDanel - Veterinarian
Dr. Marc McDanel had no idea what a veterinarian was when he was a tiny boy, so since he could speak he told his family he would be a “farmer” to follow in his grandparents’ footsteps. His mother (a nurse) kindly said, “How about you be a doctor?” Little Marc answered very quickly, “NO! I’ll be an animal doctor…”

Dr. McDanel is a Beaver County native who received a Bachelors Degree in Animal Bioscience from Penn State University, and his D.V.M. from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine with a clinical year rotation at the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. McDanel was voted President of the Pre-Vet Club for several years at PSU and acquired special training from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council while also working as head technician and office manager of a busy Penn State veterinary clinic. In addition, he was an avid member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Before leaving for veterinary school, Dr. McDanel embarked on a six-month journey into the deep coastal jungle regions of Central America. Dr. McDanel worked for the national Costa Rican government in conservation and anti-poaching projects to support the critically endangered Leatherback sea turtles.

After leaving his bamboo hut and grass roof behind, he was accepted to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. While living on the island of St Kitts, Dr. McDanel was Co-founder of the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network. When not meeting with the local government, tagging turtles at night, releasing hatchlings, or attending classes, he would enjoy free-water diving to catch and tag juvenile green turtles and put extra time in at the school’s exclusive large aviary. While at Purdue University, Dr. McDanel embraced elective rotations in exotic and avian medicine and surgery along with extra rotations in Dermatology and Oncology. He also volunteered time with the state of Indiana surgically implanting tracking devices in the elusive southern rattlesnake population.

Dr. McDanel was lucky enough to find Dr. Michael Hutchinson, in 2007 near his hometown, who shared his passion for not only dogs and cats but for avian, exotic and reptile patients. Dr. McDanel owns his original “island rescued” surgery dog and at least eight cats at any given time. He enjoys hiking, boating, and fishing while spending as many weekends as he can at either his family’s remote mountain cabin or lake cottage.

Veterinary Staff at Animal General

Alexis - Technician
Alexis became a certified technician from the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. She enjoys staying active by doing things like going to the gym, biking and kayaking. Alexis has five cats that she rescued and adores!
Amanda - Technician
Amanda became a certified technician from the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. Her hobbies include biking, hiking, reading books, gardening and pretty much anything she can do outdoors! She also has so many animals that it would be impossible to name all of them!
Dane - Technician
Dane Hutchinson grew up on Long Island, in Pittsburgh and in Harrisville, PA. He is an accomplished Full Sail University graduate that found his niche in the audio end of film making. Most of Dane’s experience has come from his works on internal corporate videos and commercials shot in the local Pittsburgh area.

Dane grew up around animals his whole life and after being inspired to change his career, he joined the Animal General of Cranberry Twp. family in 2017. He is the proud owner of a Pit Bull named Eva and in his spare time he enjoys airsoft competitions, going to concerts, Pens games and being outside.
Kayla - Technician
Kayla grew up locally in Zelienople and knew she wanted to work with animals since she was a kid. After graduating from the Vet Tech Institute in 2015 she adopted her Shar Pei mix, Henry from the vet tech school. She then completed her externship at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and adopted her cat, Cricket, from there. Additionally, Kayla has four other cats named Ash, Jasper, Zira and Moxie.

She also has two other dogs, a Chihuahua mix named Chalupa and a Miniature Schnauzer named Jack. Kayla has two bearded dragons named Charizard and Laverne, three leopard geckos named Mango, Pineapple and Banana, four guinea pigs named Piglet, Winnie, Velma and Nigel and 2 ferrets named Buddha and Jinx. In Kayla’s free time, she enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, wildlife and rescuing animals.
Lainie - Receptionist
Lainie is our newest receptionist! She has 4 sons, Luke, Drew, Brett, and Bill who just so happen to be great friends of Dr. Mike’s kids. Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors, hiking and traveling. Every day she looks forward to interacting with all the happy pets and clients.
Linda - Technician
2015 brought many changes for our receptionist, Linda: not only did she move to Pittsburgh, but she also began working at Animal General of Cranberry Twp.! She loves meeting and talking to all sorts of people which makes her perfect for the front desk of our clinic. She loves being part of a team that helps take care of people’s animals and enjoys that every day brings something new.
Mikayla - Technician
From a young age Mikayla knew she had a special love for animals. Her first job as a kennel tech confirmed she wanted to work with animals as a career. After high school, Mikayla attended the Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated in 2011. She then moved back home and joined the staff at Animal General of Cranberry Twp., where she says she enjoys the challenges each new day brings.

In Mikayla’s free time she enjoys being outdoors (especially at the beach!), hiking with her dogs Mario and Daisy, kayaking, and playing softball in the summer. Mikayla also shares her home with three cats: Jordie, Oliver and Remmy.
Peggy - Receptionist
Peggy, originally from the Midwest, has been with Animal General for over five years. She has a love of animals and loves to talk, so being our receptionist is a perfect fit!

When not at work, Peggy is a director at Narrow Path Productions, a non-profit Christian theatre group! She also spends her free time doing Zumba, kayaking and cooking enough for an army!

Peggy shares her home with her husband, Bob and is the mother to Kristen, Samantha, Grace and Jackson. She is the Oma to Hugo and Stella. Peggy also has two furry kids, Kato her Australian Sheperd and Pigby the Guinea Pig!
Sharon - Technician
Sharon was born and raised on Long Island, NY where she owned a saddle shop and in her spare time, rode and showed horses. Sharon started with barrel racing and pole bending, and eventually expanded into jumpers and eventing.

In 1991, Sharon started working with Dr. Mike at Animal General of East Norwich as his groomer and eventually trained to become a veterinary technician.

In 2001, Sharon moved to western PA to continue working for Dr. Mike. In the meantime, she build a home in the woods which she now shares with two dogs, D.O.G. and Panzer, five cats, Magnum, Taz, Smoke, C.A.T. and Madison, and one horse named Lark!

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys antiquing with her friends, trail riding, biking and gardening.