Stem Cell Therapy at Animal General

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Animal General’s advanced stem cell therapy uses your pet’s own stem cells for treatment. This is called Autologous Stem Cell Therapy. The stem cells come from your pet’s own body.

With our advancement in technology we are merely utilizing the body’s own regenerative capabilities and directing them to treat ailments caused by trauma and aging.

Why Animal General is the hospital for Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Mike has performed over 1,500 stem cell treatments including the first ever case on a camel. Dr. Mike has spoken about the subject of stem cell therapy at educational seminars all over the world, as well as on television and in podcasts.

Dr. Mike is arguably one of the most knowledgeable Veterinarians in the world on the subject of stem cell therapy.

How can Stem Cell Therapy help your pet?

Stem Cells are powerful healing cells that can turn into or differentiate into other types of cells. There are many stem cells in fat tissue, however, they are dormant (or sleeping).

Animal General’s therapy isolates these repair cells from your animal’s fat tissue, activates (or wakes) them, and reintroduces them directly into damaged areas of the body.

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Treat the CAUSE, not the SYMPTOMS with Stem Cell Therapy

Animal General’s Stem Cell Therapy provides an affordable and distinctive solution that will help ensure your pe’’s future health and quality of life. There is no fear of rejection or side effects since the cells are autologous!

Stem Cell Treatements at Animal General
What is so great about our stem cell therapy?

Our Stem Cell Therapy targets the source of the problem by offering the ability to reduce inflammation, calm or modulate the immune system, and perhaps regenerate the damaged tissue. Other treatments, such as NSAIDs, merely attempt to reduce symptoms. The treatment is very low risk because it uses your animal’s own repair cells. It offers a biologic solution to a biologic problem such as degenerative arthritis from trauma or aging.

How long does it last?

This depends on your pet’s injury or disease. Some treatments can last a lifetime for a pet. In many cases owners elect to bank cells for future use in case another treatment is necessary.

Stem Cell Treatements at Animal General
Is my pet a candidate?

Each case is unique. Your veterinarian at Animal General has resources available to determine if your pet is a candidate for treatment.

Request an appointment by clicking below and filling out a little information, including an optional picture so the veterinarian can see your pet!

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