Animal General Welcomes New Clients

New Clients
Things to Bring Along to a First Appointment

Save time by CLICKING HERE to fill out our new client and pet information form to help speed along the check-in process on your first visit.

What happens when you arrive for your appointment at Animal General?

One of our Veterinary Technicians will escort you and your pet to an exam room and she/he will ask you some questions regarding your visit. Weight, temperature, and a quick check of your pet might happen at this time.

The Doctor will be in soon after the Veterinary Technician.

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Pet Care Information
Comprehensive pet care and animal resources, with information about caring for your pets, health and behavior materials, and general advice.
Pet Vaccinations
Animal General offers a wide range of all necessary vaccination services for your pet including core vaccines and supplemental ones.
Pet Ear Examinations
We are ready to provide full ear exams for your dog or cat. If you see your pet scratching its ears erratically, your pet could have a serious issue.
Nutrition and Behavior
Get instant information on recommended nutrition and behavior tips for your dog/cat from our veterinarians.